Monday, June 27, 2011

More Big Companies Join RSPO

A couple of recent additions to the growing list of RSPO members are Mars and Walmart. Since these are such large companies, the impact they can make by supporting sustainable palm oil is huge.

With Mars joining, our Halloween candy shopping guide will be much more extensive this year. Mars is best known for making candy like M&Ms and Snickers, but Mars makes many other products like Uncle Ben's rice, Pedigree dog food, and Whiskas cat food.

Since Walmart is a grocery store that carries many brands, they're still going to stock products from non-RSPO companies. What their RSPO membership means is that Walmart is abiding by RSPO rules and regulations regarding the palm oil they use in their own brands such as Great Value and Equate. They have also stated that they will encourage other private brands they carry to join the RSPO.

McDonald's is another company that has recently applied for RSPO membership. Their application is being reviewed, so look for posts in the near future about their membership approval.

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